Providing web services for disabled, elderly, novice and friendly Internet users.

Section I.

Although designed especially for the disabled user, welcomes all users of all ages to a clean, safe, and well managed set of Web services which currently includes:

Section II.

Along with surfing the web and e-mail, IRC is a valuable and key communication tool for the disabled and elderly to replace the isolation of DEEP SPACE in which they are forced to live. offers as safe and secure an IRC Network as it can for ALL users to communicate with those loved ones who are trapped in their DEEPSPACE. Deepspace provides a simple, easy to use, text reader compatible, and fully printable tutorial for all IRC and FORUM users, regardless of disability or level of experience. Although not yet complete, work is in progress, feel welcome to copy and distribute any part of the tutorial to anyone in need:

Section III.

IRC Chat Room Web Pages Hosted. As a service to the user, will begin hosting web pages for those who register with Deepspace and establish a chat room within the rules of Deepspace. Deepspace offers this service to allow the Chat room founder to promote his/her own channel and personal non-commercial web pages. The rules for this services are as follows:

  1. Be a registered user of
  2. Have a registered and functioning channel (chat room) in
  3. Limit the web page a maximum of 6 meg if hosted by Deepspace; unlimited size if it is hosted elsewhere (preferred).
  4. Write your own web page within the rules. See Section V and Organization, Principles, and Rules.
  5. Submit the web page to the Network Administration for review.
  6. Deepspace will either host your web page or will link your web page if it is hosted elsewhere (preferred).
  7. Instructions, examples, help, and HTML tutorials will be found in Section V.
  8. The list of all server(s) with a link to their associated web site.
  9. The list of all channel web pages is found here (preparing for launch).

Section IV.

Deepspace provides links for Education materials and classes for preschool through college and for continuing Adult Education. The links are to self paced, self taught and home schooling education resources and educational organizations which are free or at reasonable costs.

"Clearly and beyond all doubt, the only purpose and reason for life is to learn. All living beings, plant or animal, that ever was, is, or ever will be throughout the universe must adapt or perish as with the dinosaur. Yet it is the fate of humanity, above all, to have the consciousness to understand and give reason to life." Thoughts by Charles H. Tankersley

Section V.

(preparing for launch) Computer use classes and programming are provided when available and requested by a sufficient number of users. If a user has come this far, he/she has already learned how to turn on the computer and surf the web enough to reach this web page. However, as one matures in cyber space, more Internet related question araise than are answered. How can I chat? How do I register my nickname? How do I get my own chatroom? These questions are answered with section II of this web page. The "IRC Handbook and Tutorial" was created specifically to answer these questions.

Section III brings a new question; "How do I write my own web page?" This section V is created to answer this question and the additional questions which will surely come to mind. We will not attempt to be all inclusive, but rather, will focus on that which will assist the casual user in his/her enjoyment of the Internet - the simple things. For the more advanced questions and answers, see section IV. The first item we shall address is Writing HTML with a beginner's tutorial. In the future, this section will contain tutorials for IRCOPS, SERVER ADMINISTRATION, and other tutorials as needed and available.

The following is a list of recommended links to on-line Tutorials for HTML:

Section VI.

The Internet is filled with many support groups for the disabled computer user and their care givers. Deepspace will link to those support groups that request to exchange links. Deepspace will also welcome qualified groups to use and manage their own IRC chat rooms. A PHP forum is also available. We will provide training, technical help and support to these groups as required and requested. For a list of Support Groups currently link, click here.

Section VII.

For those of us who are tired of the security problems, broken promises, and upgrading problems of Microsoft Windows (any version) here is a link to one of the most user friendly, easy to use Linux desktop distributions yet on the market: PCLinuxOS is still in beta but the version 0.91 works great. Burn the LiveCD(DVD) and look at it before you install it from the same CD(DVD). Or you can go to PCLinux Online and read all about it and even join their forum(s) to ask questions. Coming soon will be a list of PCLinuxOS developers who have volunteered to mail at cost a LiveCD disk to those who are unable to download burn one for them selves. If you would like to download for your self, please go to the Wiki for complete details. This link is provided on the LiveCD disk as will. The directions are well written and easy to follow.

Section VIII.

Much more to come! (still in the planning stage)

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