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          Deepspace is conceived to provide a safe, clean environment for those persons with disabilities of what ever nature and their family and friends to mainstream communicate using the Internet. The disabilities involved include but are not limited to the blind, deaf, paralyzed, long term illness, aging or any other debilitating reason which makes internet communication difficult to use the normal communication tools provided by the Internet.


 will continue to maintain the existing services of IRC, Forums, and Web Page Hosting to the extent possible within the means of the Network Administration. will continue to investigate methods to improve its existing services and to add services as they become available within the framework of the W3C Accessibility standards. The added services may include but not limited to links to distance learning facilities; links to tutorials and "how-to's" for internet use, programming, applications and operating systems; links to support facilities for the handicapped and any other services determined to meet the needs of the clients in order to lead functional lives within the Internet society.


          Deepspace will be owned and operated by the Network Administrators currently in place as the Founding IRC Network Administrator of and other Network Administrators as the Founding Network Administrators deem necessary for the operation of The Founding Network Administrators are for life and cannot be removed except by resignation. The Internet domain, is own by Stephen Hardy II (Login), profoundly deaf from birth, but a resent recipient of double Cochlear Implants. The remaining Founding Network Administrators are (johnc), blind and physically impaired; (sahara); (Linz) vision impaired; and Charles H. Tankersley (CHTANK), retired (born in 1933). All actions, decisions, and operations are handled by the Network Administration. This will include the acquiring, training and dismissal of staff. The primary concern of the Administrators is to assure the purpose and services are for the benefit of the client users.


          The Network Administration will depend solely upon gifts, contributions, sponsorships, and the Financial means of the Network Administrators to maintain this service. No memberships will be sold nor payment accepted for membership or position of control of The Founding Network Administrators alone will own and or control, but will, from to time, permit sponsors, contributors, or gift givers a means to advertise to the clients of Deepspace in show of appreciation for the services donated to and that such advertising is in accordance with's policies and standard of conduct.


          The services provide by Deepspace shall be freely available to all persons, regardless of handicap, unless and until a person becomes abusive to the other users by strong sexual content of any type, obscene behavior or language, disruptive to normal use of the services by any means, including flooding, DoS, transmission of SPAM, attempted takeovers of all or part of the services, or any other like behaviors. It will be the sole responsibility of the Network Administration to determine what constitutes any forbidden behaviors and what actions should be taken to prevent or remove the offending party.

For any questions, comments, complaints, or suggestions, e-mail the Webmaster, DeepSpace Webmaster, or the NetAdmin.

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