DeepSpace Web Chat(s)

Deepspace is a family orientated network. We strive to provide a network where anyone young to old can meet for talk and hold discussions on most any subject within the guidlines of the Deepspace Declaration and the Introduction. You may talk in one of our established rooms / channels or in a room / channel you establish. The chat clients here are to give you the ability to join without having to use a client software such as mIRC. By using this portal to you agree to be bound by the rules and regulations put forth above. If you agree to be bound by the terms contained in these documents we welcome you to the family. The majority of people using the deepspace network conduct themselves in a manner consistant with our policies. However, if you cannot or will not abide by the rules and regulations set forth in the above documentation, then perhaps deepspace network is not for you. Please refrain from connecting to and find an IRC network more inline with your desires.