Being prepared for launch!


by Charles H. Tankersley

        The purpose of life, the reason to exist, from birth to death, is to learn. We are here to learn of God's Truths in His Works. We are here to learn to live in peace and in harmony with all of God's Creation. What better way to know God than to look for His Truth within His Work.

        It takes very little insight to realize that all life on earth must learn. Failure to learn guarantees extinction. It may be true that learning does not guarantee immortality, but it does point in the right direction. Perhaps we are the earliest life created or perhaps life created earlier in the remote reaches of this universe is more advanced than we. Regardless, as promised, "all will be revealed" and we have much yet to learn.

        There are those who claim a soul and I am incline to agree with such a concept. It would stand to reason that learning to breath, to move about, to find food, to communicate ideas, and to be conscious of all would be fruitless without some form of immortality. Thus, one should consider a soul, spirit, or form of being beyond the physical body-and there is evidence that points in this direction, too. Recall, if you would, that a small part of each of us lives on within our offspring, in body, mind, and soul.

        As human beings, if we are here to learn, then it becomes our duty to learn or face extinction in part or in whole. If it is our duty to learn, then in our turn, it is our duty to teach. As we discover the many truths of the universe, regardless of how simple the truths, we are obligated to pass the truths along to the whole of humanity. With the many tools available the written word is the most common and enduring method for recording the learned truths.

        We can know only that which we can perceive. Many of us, as we perceive, record our perceptions. Since man learned to a written language, he has recorded his perceptions. Many great manuscripts of knowledge have been written. Sadly, many have been lost. But all told, we still have many books of TRUTH available to us today. With the advent of the computer, the number and availability of the recorded truths is increasing exponentially.

        It then becomes imperative that all human beings learn to read, study, read again, and record the TRUTH's as they are discovered, regardless of the risk, just as Copernicus did when he discovered the solar system. He risked it all, was excommunicated and branded a heretic for the sake of the TRUTH. Remember, too, that to this very day, mankind knows no absolute TRUTH. Regardless of our position in life, whether cleric, prince, or peasant, we are still both student and teacher; forever and for all eternity.

        In the spirit of the student-teacher philosophy, this simple web page is dedicated to the promotion of free, Internet education at all levels. It is hoped that students from the earliest years through college graduates with advanced degrees can find links to information which will further his or her education. And it is hoped that teachers from the earliest years through college graduates can contribute links to information which will further another's education. Already, courses are available on the Internet which allow students to earn credits toward a college degree, even advanced degrees. As the Internet continues to develop, more and more colleges and universities will be offering fully accredited courses by DISTANCE LEARNING, some at low cost of enrollment, and others, hopefully, free to use. One of the FREE sites is MIT, with 700+ courses published now and all courses online by the year 2006!

        In keeping with the call for links to free and low cost educational material, I am providing a number of links below, including one to a collection of colleges and universities, world wide. The list was prepared by one of the Deepspace users, Mike Viron, who kindly donated "find-a-school" to Deepspace for linking. One can find links to web sites that teach subjects from the basic 3 R.s to advanced physics. I find many of these sites as I surf the web looking for my own education in philosophy, physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, and math. The HTML I am using to prepare this web page was learned using a FREE tutorial from Maricopa Community Colleges. I shall post it's URL now as a link to education and again on the tutorial page: "Writing HTML".

Some more recommended sites are listed below:
free for home study
look up your college
Great Educational Software for home and school
Youth Net
for the kids
National Student Research Center
a source for teaching aids
The Library of Congress
if written, you name it, it is here
Study Web
for years k through 12
21st Century Learning Initiative
for years k through 12
Web Primitives
mostly elementary years
a study in Philosophy
Suite 101
for the casual student and teacher
Maricopa Community Colleges
a source for teaching aids
more to come latermore to come latermore to come later