The MEMOSERV Command List Available to All Users

MemoServ is a service to similar to short messaging system. It can be sent to individual users or channel staff. To use this service, you will need to have a registered nickname. For more information on a specific command, type: /msg MemoServ HELP command.

1.SEND:Sends a memo
2.CANCEL:Cancel last memo sent
3.LIST:Lists your memos
4.READ:Read your memos
5.DEL:Delete your memos
6.SET:Modifies your memo options
7.INFO:Provides information on the memos you have (also channel memos when the parameter is given).


The syntax is:

  • /msg memoserv SEND [nick |#channel] your_message

This command will allow you to send memos to a specific nickname or channel. Note that both the sender and the recipient must have registered nicknames. 

If you are sending memos to channels, the channel in question must be registered with ChanServ and you must have the correct access to send memos to the channel.


The syntax is:

  • /msg memoserv CANCEL [nickname | #channel]

This command can be used to cancel your last sent memo to any nickname/channel provided it has not been read yet.


The syntax is:

  • /msg memoserv LIST
  • /msg memoserv LIST #channel
  • /msg memoserv LIST NEW

The first syntax gives you a list of the memos you have. The second will list channel memos of a specified channel 

If you use NEW, new memos (marked with an asterisk (*)).


The syntax is:

  • /msg memoserv READ number
  • /msg memoserv READ #channel number
  • /msg memoserv READ last
  • /msg memoserv READ new

The READ command will enable to read your memos. To get the memo numbers, you will have to use the LIST command first.

The first syntax allows you to read a specific individual memo. The second syntax allows you to read a channel memo. When LAST is used, it will send you the last memo sent to you. NEW will send you all your new memos.

You can also specify a range of memos to be viewed if you have too many memos. For example, /memoserv READ 12-20 will display memos 12 through 20.


The syntax is:

  • /msg memoserv DEL number
  • /msg memoserv DEL #channel number
  • /msg memoserv DEL list
  • /msg memoserv DEL #channel list
  • /msg memoserv DEL LAST
  • /msg memoserv DEL ALL

The DEL command will delete unwanted memos. When a number is specified, it will delete that particular memo. If a channel name is specified (second syntax), it deletes the channel memo off your list. 

You can also delete a range of memos as in the third syntax. For example, to delete memos 1,5 and 9, you will type /memoserv DEL 1,5,9.

If LAST is specified, it will delete the last memo received. ALL will delete all memos on your nickname. 

NOTICE: Once memos have been deleted, they cannot be recovered.


The syntax is:

  • /msg memoserv SET NOTIFY [ON|LOGON|NEW|OFF]
  • /msg memoserv SET LIMIT number
  • /msg memoserv SET LIMIT #channel number

The first syntax defines on notification of memos. When LOGON is specified, it will notify you of new memos on connect or when you return from /AWAY. When NEW is defined, it only notifies you of new memos. ON is a combination of LOGON and NEW. If OFF is defined, then you will not receive notifications.

The second syntax is used to define the number of memos users can send you. If 0 is defined, no memos can be sent to you. The maximum limit is 20. Example: /msg memoserv SET LIMIT 15 will restrict you to have 15 memos at a time.

If the channel name is given, this will restrict the number of memos the channel will have.


The syntax is:

  • /msg memoserv INFO
  • /msg memoserv INFO #channel

The INFO option displays information about how many memos you have, how many new ones, total unread and memos you can receive.

If a #channel is defined, it will provide the same information for that channel.

This concludes the specific MemoServ Commands list.
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