IRC servers

Deepspace currently consists of 10 authorized servers. Below is the list of the servers, along with the server administrator and the co-administrator(s).

Server Administrator(s) Co-Administrator(s)
1. Andromeda Loginad
2. Aquarius Johnca and saharaaOrcad
3. AstrospacePwcrLinuxad
4. twistedSidmand and Chimpdd
5. dreamsoldagedd
6. enterpriseRick2dd
7. GalaxyXGizzmocd
8. PulsarsmileydYodad
9. SaturnLinza  and Icemech cCHTANKa
10. supernovasupernovadd
11. twistedtwisterdd

                a Deepspace Founder Network Administrator
                b Network Administrator
                c Technical Administrator
                d Not named yet
All persons named here are also global IRC Operators. For information of the powers and responsibilities of these people, please see the Declaration pages. For questions, suggestions, or complaints about our servers, feel free to e-mail the NETADMIN and we will answer as soon as we are able.